That MCG Finish Feeling

Putting all of the discomfort and pain aside, you cross the finish line and it dawns on you that YOU are a marathon finisher.

All the effort put in during months of training, getting up early in the depths of winter to run- pay off in the moment you enter the colossal MCG and finally see the finish line. The excitement delivers a burst of adrenalin as you enter the ‘G for that lap of honour, you look up at the clock and see your time. You laugh, you cry, you hug strangers.

Ever considered running a marathon? Make it Melbourne.

Starting with an iconic lap of the city and experiencing some of the quintessential Melbourne landmarks.  From Batman Avenue, you run down past Flinders Street Station and onto Swanston Street, before heading south along St Kilda Road. Heading onto Lakeside Drive, you’ll complete a lap of Albert Park Lake, home of the Grand Prix, before continuing up to Fitzroy Street. Linlithgow Avenue will take you back onto St Kilda road, before you run on to the Birrarung Marr track just before hitting Federation Square. The path will take you to a final left hand turn into the MCG and the waiting crowds at the finish line.

Whilst running the route itself is a fantastic experience, there’s nothing quite like finishing. 42.2 kilometers later, inside the MCG, the emotion is what makes it all worthwhile.

Registrations for the 2017 Medibank Melbourne Marathon are now open, sign up and get training! Remind yourself of the satisfaction you’ll feel crossing the finish line and seeing what your body is truly capable of. If the thought of running alone is daunting, consider running as a team or part of a charity.

Make Sunday 15th October the date you become a marathon finisher.


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