SriLankan Airlines 10km Run


Race through the streets of Melbourne, passing by numerous iconic landmarks such as Flinders Street Station, the Shrine of Remembrance and the Royal Botanic Gardens. This race is perfect if you’re looking for a challenge, whether it’s setting a new PB or completing your first 10km run.

Event Information

Date Saturday 11 December 2021
Distance 10km
Start Time 3:00pm
Cut Off Time 8:00pm
Field Limit 6,000
Start Line Yarra Park Path (parallel to Jolimont Station)
Finish Line Melbourne Cricket Ground
Age Limit All children under the age of 13 years must be accompanied by an adult


Entry Fees & Inclusions

Current Pricing: Adult $80 /  Child (0-16 years) $55

Please note entry fees are subject to change at any time, so sign up now to secure the best pricing. 


  • Entry
  • Race Bib
  • Safety Pins
  • Finishers Medal
  • E-Certificate

Course Description

  Start at Yarra Park Path.  

Take a left turn down Jolimont Tce then follow road to the right onto Jolimont St. Head left and turn onto William Barrack Bridge. Veer left through Middle Tce to turn left at Wooden Bridge and follow the Yarra River Bank Path. 

Veer right under Swan St Bridge, continuing along the Yarra River trail before taking a right at the Morell Pedestrian Bridge.  

Turn right onto Main Yarra Trail, then left across Alexandra Ave before another left turn continuing onto the Tan Track in a clockwise direction.   

Continue along Tan Track. Cross Alexandra Ave back onto the Main Yarra Trail and continue under the Swan St Bridge. Cross Boathouse Drive and proceed through Alexandra Gardens path to St Kilda Rd.  

Turn right and cross the Princes Bridge via pedestrian footpathTake a right hand turn onto Princes Walk (just prior to) Federation Square. Veer right onto the William Barak Bridge.  

Take a hairpin left onto Jolimont St. Finally, turn left onto Brunton Ave before turning left via Gate C onto the hallowed turf of the MCG finish line. 

Course Map

2021 Melbourne Marathon Course Map

Preferred Starts

Once you have successfully registered for the event, you can apply for a Preferred Start, which is a starting position immediately behind the Elite field. To be granted a preferred start you must have achieved the following qualifying times for your event since 1st July 2019:

MALE Sub 00:36 Sub 00:37 Sub 00:39
FEMALE Sub 00:40 Sub 00:42 Sub 00:44

Applications for Preferred Starts must be made via the website and should include details of the races (i.e. race name, date and distance) at which qualifying performances have been achieved.  Upon submission of your application an auto response will be generated – this is a receipt of your application only and not an approval.

Incomplete applications will not be considered.  All applications are checked to guarantee times submitted are valid.

To apply for a Preferred Start please complete this form. Preferred Start applications close at 5pm on Friday November 26, 2021. 

Successful applicants will receive an approval email prior to the event with further details.  If you have legitimately achieved the performance standards above you are guaranteed a Preferred Start. 

The Preferred Start zone is located immediately next to the start line on the river side and will have a number of exclusive toilets for the Elites and Preferred Starters.  On race morning approved applicants are to report to the Preferred Start Zone and have their name checked off at one of two entry points.

Please note: applying for a Preferred Start is a separate process to the online race entry system. Applying for a Preferred Start does not guarantee race entry, so please be aware of the race entry cut off times and field limits.

Drink Stations

Drink Station Locations

Birdwood Ave/Govt House Dve 3.7 Water + SiS Sports Drink
Alexandra Gardens 2 Water
Finish 10 Water + SiS Sports Drink


Prize Money

10KM RUN $1000 $500 $300


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