Kickstart your exercise recovery thanks to our Official Recovery Partner 180 Nutrition Good Sport Good Sport – 180 Nutrition

Adequate recovery has been shown to reduce fatigue and enhance performance. Nutrition and hydration play a key role in recovery. Post-race nutrition is really important to optimize your body’s recovery.

The goals of recovery nutrition are to:

  • Appropriately refuel and rehydrate the body
  • Promote muscle repair and growth
  • Support immune function

What should you eat after exercise?

In general foods should:

  • Be rich in quality carbohydrate to replenish muscle fuel stores
  • Contain some lean protein to promote muscle repair
  • Include a source of fluid and electrolytes to rehydrate effectively

Reference: Sports Dietitian Australia Recovery Nutrition Factsheet

Why GOOD SPORT™ for exercise recovery?       

180 Nutrition GOOD SPORT™ is a flavoured milk drink for positive exercise recovery made from the inherent goodness of milk and is scientifically backed for providing post exercise recovery through a blend of protein, energy and electrolytes.

GOOD SPORT™ is scientifically backed for exercise recovery. Scientific research was conducted at Monash University utilising sports nutritionists and dietitians to help guide the development of Good Sport and highlights the benefits of the key nutrients in GOOD SPORT ™, for exercise recovery.

GOOD SPORT™ contains the ideal mix of:

  • Electrolytes to rehydrate
  • Energy (carbohydrates) to refuel
  • 14g of Protein for muscle repair
  • All scientifically backed for exercise recovery

GOOD SPORT™ includes the inherent natural goodness of milk, giving GOOD SPORT™ a delicious smooth taste.

“Recovering well is a critical element in your training program.

Having the right balance of nutrients to replenish your body such as Good Sport will help you rehydrate, repair muscle and replenish your carbohydrates.

Recovery is key to performance.”

Brodie Harper

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