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We, at SriLankan Airlines, are pleased to be a part of the historic Melbourne Marathon Festival for yet another year as the title sponsor of the 10km race. Our presence at the Marathon is not a mere brand association, but an invitation for the travellers and adventurers in Melbourne to explore our island home, Sri Lanka. With our convenient daily flights, Sri Lanka just one flight away.   

Since time immemorial, we have been a nation which is synonymous with hospitality, warmth, and friendliness, that have held the world in awe. These innate island attributes are deeply imbued in our service ethos, so much so that, a traveller is guaranteed to get his/her first taste of paradise, the moment they step onboard our aircraft.

Our island nation has been a subject of discovery and a haven of rediscovery. Travelogues, both written and fabled, catalogue the names by which Sri Lanka has been called during different eras by explorers from different terrain. The lure of our island home has continued intact to the present day, and as a prime promotor of destination Sri Lanka, and a major airline that connects the world with the country, we are privileged to witness the timeless charm Sri Lanka has on the global traveller.

Without much ado, we invite you to embark on a journey of a lifetime. Let the island magic enthral you when you stroll through the powdery sand edging the aquamarine Indian Ocean stretching to endlessness.

Spend your ideal break, sailing the length of the seas, riding the high waves, snorkelling or simply lazing out on the shore, just savouring the moment. Be awed when the waters change hues from sunrise to sundown. Whether it is an extravagant candlelight affair by the shore, or a simple picnic under the swaying palms, whatever you decide to do, here in Sri Lanka, nothing can leave you disappointed.

Venture into the interiors of the island; the secluded mountain getaways amidst the lush tea gardens, and train rides transforming you into fairy-tale settings. Whilst the elixir of your day brews in a steaming tea pot, immerse yourself in the island’s rich traditions and overwhelming care and hospitality that feels like home. Embark on a spiritual journey as you immerse yourself in the island connotations of devotion in a historic temple.

Take a pick from the island’s wide catalogue of waterfalls, forests, and wildlife sanctuaries. Make memories as leopards meander with cubs, the elephants frolic in the water holes or the regal peacocks dance in search of partners.

Be awed as you float your way through the iconic landscapes, above the ancient waterways laced with the peachy sunset hues in a hot air balloon or reach the pinnacle of the ancient Lion fortress for a climb of a lifetime and the Instagram-worthy scenery. Indulge in the island delicacies, which easily leave you to crave for more. From homespun dishes to complex culinary adventures, Sri Lanka is the melting pot of flavours.

From the rustic and simplest getaways to the most luxurious lodgings, from the vociferous yet unforgettable train rides to chauffeur-driven journeys, from the quietist corners to stunning nightlife, Sri Lanka could easily be your home away from home.  

We, at SriLankan Airlines, eagerly anticipate welcoming you onboard!

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