We’ve Teamed up with CorePlus Connected

Where there’s running, there’s recovery. And to assist you in both those things, there’s a warm up!

We’ve teamed up with CorePlus Connected to deliver you 5 classes, each intentionally created to support your training in the lead up to the Virtual Melbourne Marathon.

Warm up, cool down, find muscle relief, properly recover and strengthen smaller muscles through Pilates; these classes range from 10 to 45 minutes and they’ll be available for you on-demand through the Virtual Melbourne Marathon app

We’re kicking off with a Facebook live next Wednesday 28th of October.


Meet Sarah

Growing up competing in sports and marathons, Sarah discovered yoga only after moving to Australia from the States. Yoga gave her something other forms of exercise couldn’t: a type of movement that felt sustainable, an opportunity to connect her body with breath, and a space to show up exactly as she felt that day. Sarah’s classes are famous for all the good things: infectious energy, thoughtful teaching and intelligent sequencing. Booking into her class? Expect to be encouraged, to explore and to have fun.⁠

Meet Carnie

Carnie has a lifelong love of form, focused movement and flow. With a strong background in dance, she spent time overseas dancing and training, before returning to Australia with a passion to teach others. That’s where Pilates and barre come in. Carnie’s classes will challenge you, in the best possible way — they’re all about stamina, stability and just the right amount of shake and burn. Expect an energetic flow that seems to speed up the class, and leaves you feeling a sense of achievement that will have you coming back for more.⁠

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