Shivam Sidana

33 / Greenvale

Melbourne Marathons: x2

Shivam did his first Melbourne Marathon in 2017, backed it up in 2018 and now is coming for his third in 2021.

He was inspired by his professor, who started running and completed his first marathon when he was 50. “I thought if he can do that, then I definitely should be doing something too”. Shivam continues to run for his mental health, “it’s a form of meditation for me”.

“The Melbourne Marathon allows me to share the streets of Melbourne with its people. It’s incredible, like a celebration for the city.” He made special mention of how he felt entering the MCG and crossing the finish line, “you just want to cry when you finish, it’s an unbelievable sense of achievement”.

Shivam will be running for Nourish Mental Health Inc.

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