Run To Save A Babies Life

Taneille Brann, 39, is travelling all the way from Darwin to Melbourne this October to fulfill a goal she set herself ten years ago after giving birth to her firstborn son eight weeks early – to run a marathon before she turns 40!

When Taneille saw that the charity Running for Premature Babies is a headline charity of this year’s Nike Melbourne Marathon she knew this had to be ‘her’ race, and she signed up as a Running for Premature Babies Charity Superstar. Taneille says that it’s the memories of the six weeks her son Tom spent in hospital following his premature birth due to severe HELLP Syndrome and Eclampsia, that will inspire her to complete the distance, and knowing that her race will save the lives of other people’s babies.

Funds raised through the Nike Melbourne Marathon will provide state-of-the-art neonatal equipment desperately needed in hospitals both in Victoria and around Australia, so all premature babies, wherever they are born, have access to life-saving equipment they need, giving them the best possible chance of survival.

Taneille’s son survived thanks to cutting edge neonatal equipment like that which Taneille is now fundraising for

Running for Premature Babies is a charity that was born out of heartbreak but has grown to give hope to thousands of babies born prematurely. When baby triplets Henry, Jasper & Evan Smith didn’t survive their premature birth, their mum started running, with a goal to raise funds for one humidicrib for the hospital that cared for her sons. Eighteen years later and the charity has raised almost $7 million, providing neonatal equipment to hospitals in every state and territory of Australia, and helping to save the lives of over 9,000 babies born sick or premature. Taneille will be joining hundreds at the Nike Melbourne Marathon who will be running to celebrate prematurely born children, living or lost, and fundraising to save the lives of sick and premature babies. 

Superstar Fundraisers receive a guaranteed, free entry into the event (or a refund), including to the sold-out Half and Full Marathons, while committing to fundraising at least $2000. 

Sign up or find out about the many other ways you can support this charity.

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