How to prepare for a running event?

Even the most experienced runners in the world can be nervous leading up to an event. These handy hints can reduce your race day nerves so you can enjoy the Medibank Melbourne Marathon Festival.

The following tips will help you, whether you are running the full or half marathon, 5km, 10km or walking 3km.

  • Training and Preparation is key.

Most programs, whether they be generic or custom, offer a structured program of 10-16 weeks that incrementally increases the distance and time spent running. The objective of the training program is to acclimatise your body to the increased running to reduce the risk of injury that can be bought on by doing too much too soon.

  • Get the right type of shoes for YOU!

The key to finding the best fit for you is understanding your individual biomechanics. The podiatric trained team at Active Feet can analyse your gait, running/walking speed and analyse the cushioning and support you need to suit your biomechanical function. They can prescribe the right shoes for you. New shoes will need to be fitted 4-6 weeks before the event so that you have time to break them in. It can be a good idea introduce a second shoe and alternate between two shoes.

  • Do your research prior to the event.

Having a clear idea of where to go, what to do and the proceedings of the event can put your mind at ease. Remember there will be a lot of people and activities on race day, so make sure you do your research about the event and the actual race day weeks in advance.

  • The race course and its surface type i.e. Is it on a compact surface or off road?
  • Travel time and distance to the event
  • Parking at or near the event
  • Public transport options to and from the event
  • Bag drops and/or locker options for your gear
  • Historical weather forecasts to help plan your clothing for before, during and after the race
  • HAVE FUN 😊

This is an absolute must!! Some serious athletes will be aiming to beat a personal best or even get a place in the race, but participation and FUN is the key objective.

As proud sponsors of the Medibank Melbourne Marathon Festival, Active Feet are dedicated to encouraging participation, training and performance at all levels and distances. To show their support, all registrants will receive a $50 active feet voucher in their confirmation email. 

Click here for our tips on finding your perfect running shoe. 

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