Preferred Start Applications – NOW OPEN

Being granted a Preferred Start means starting your race immediately behind the Elite field. To be granted a preferred start you must have achieved the following qualifying times for your event since 1st January 2024. Applications for a preferred start will be closing on the 13th September 2024.

NIKE 42.195KM<3940 – 4950+
MALESub 2:45Sub 2:55Sub 3:05
FEMALESub 3:10Sub 3:20Sub 3:30
NIKE 21.1KM<3940 – 4950+
MALESub 1:20Sub 1:25Sub 1:30
FEMALESub 1:30Sub 1:35Sub 1:40
MALESub 00:36Sub 00:37Sub 00:39
FEMALESub 00:40Sub 00:42Sub 00:44

Learn more and apply HERE

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