Roger Weinstein

71 / Caulfield South

Melbourne Marathons: x42 (Spartan Legend)

MM PB: 2:54.11 – 1982
1978 time: 3:36.04
2019 time: 6:51.01

Roger did the first marathon in 1978 when he was 28. “I just wanted to see if I could actually do the distance”. He successfully completed it and enjoyed the experience so signed up again in 1979 to do it better. “

“I had done 3, 4, 5, 6 of them, then all of a sudden I had a sequence going and I really didn’t want to break it. Now I’m an old guy, I really should but we’ll see”. Roger has run a total of 127 marathons so far.

“[The Melbourne Marathon] has become such a big event, the people that run it fall in love with it and now there is about 1500 spartan members who have done 10+ Melbourne Marathons”.

“On hearing the new date my heart said absolutely fabulous news; but, my head said gee have I got another marathon in me?”. I guess we will find out come December!

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