Registering a Team


You can create a team during the online event registration process. Please note, if you are the person who creates the team you will be designated as the team captain. Once a team has been created other participants have the option to join the team during the event registration process.

If you don’t wish to create a team or can’t find the team your looking for when you register, remember you can always log into the ‘My Events Portal‘ after you have registered and either create a new team or join an existing one!

You can organise a Team in any event however only teams in the Marathon, Half Marathon and 10km Events are eligible for Team prizes and competitive teams must have a minimum of five (5) competitors.

Remember – if at any point you need further help, don’t hesitate to contact us.


The Team Captain is the main point of contact for both team members and for any correspondence from the Melbourne Marathon Team. If we have any questions regarding a certain team, we will contact the team captain.


The Team name is what your team members will appear under throughout all aspects of the event.

Things to remember:

If you are a competitive team and wish to be eligible for team prizes, please specify the distance that your team is running in the team name. E.g. Team Blue – Marathon, Team Blue – Half Marathon. Remember that each must have five (5) competitors to be eligible.

If you are a corporate team you MUST include the business name within the team name. E.g. Team Kogan.


There are six (6) Team categories that you can register in.

Corporate Male
Corporate Female
Corporate Mixed
Social Male
Social Female
Social Mixed


On the new system there is the ability to prepay for your team members during registration. Please note you will be required to specify the exact number of members you wish to pay for and the events they will participate in if you wish to prepay. If you have paid for other team members you can either email the entry invitation directly to your team member at the time of registration or send it at a later date via the ‘My Events Portal’.


If you have a corporate team of 10 or more people and wish to be invoiced for your entry fees please contact us to organise payment.



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