Melissa Yu

Melissa Yu / 31 / South Melbourne

Melbourne Marathon Festivals: x1 (21km)

“I love this city, so I love running this city’s marathon. The atmosphere, the energy. It’s that many passionate and like-minded people coming together and running for a purpose, whatever their own purpose may be”.

Melissa started running as an outlet for her mental health. “It helped me feel alive again at a time when I had lost purpose. It made me feel gratitude for my body, my beating heart and my mind”.

Melissa continues to run for the same reasons. “It makes me feel grounded. From being so busy with work and life, when I run all those problems just disappear.” Although on those cold, Winter mornings it is self discipline that gets her out of bed and onto the pavement. “Motivation comes and goes, sometimes you just have to count down from 5 and force yourself up”.

Her proudest running achievement was completing her first half marathon in 2019. “I think my next one will be completing my first full, but I want to get in 3 or 4 half marathons before I go for it”.

In 2021, Melissa will be running the Nike Half Marathon and fundraising for Lifeline Australia, for anyone who has ever lost someone to suicide.

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