Meet some of our 2018 participants

I’m taking part because…….. 

We celebrate the journey together, but the drive to reach the finish line on 14 October is personal. 

Meet some of our amazing 2018 participants:

Robyn Sutcliffe, 33, Full Marathon

“At 30 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I’m running to raise money for young women with breast cancer. Through my treatment I ran my first half marathon and managed a sub two-hour time, which was my goal.”

Liam McIntyre, 25, Full Marathon

“My dad won the race in 1999 and had other podium finishes. Afterwards he coached three friends and I during our schooldays, so we thought it was finally time to prove we could do it.”

Jennifer MacLean, 71, Half Marathon

“I’m a 70-plus female, and I’m running for my life. I love just being me alone with all of those runners who like to be the best version of themselves no matter what age.”

Camille Condon, 44, 3km Walk 

“After receiving a double lung transplant in 2013, my fitness goal was to participate in the Medibank Melbourne Marathon Festival. This year will be my sixth event, and I can’t wait to add another medal to my collection.”

David Cassinides, 41, 5.7km Run 

“This is my little girl’s first run. She’s nine and asked me if she could do it with her. I was so proud of her reasons and motivation, I said yes.”

Tom O’Reilly, 61, Full Marathon

“Only one year to go and I will become a Spartan at a lazy 62 years of age. Some think running marathons is a hard, sweaty slog. To me it is four hours of mobile yoga. I just love it.”

Caitlyn Roberts, 30, 10km Run 

“My wedding is coming up in December, so this is the perfect way to be fit and healthy, plus we have convinced most of our bridal part to join us, too!”

There are five running events in the 2018 Medibank Melbourne Marathon Festival to choose from, so everyone can get involved.

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