CorePlus Connected Classes

Where there’s running, there’s recovery. And to assist you in both those things, there’s a warm up! We’ve teamed up with CorePlus Connected to deliver you 5 classes, each intentionally created to support your training in the lead up to the Virtual Melbourne Marathon.

Warm up, cool down, find muscle relief, properly recover and strengthen smaller muscles through Pilates; these classes range from 10 to 45 minutes and they’re available for you on-demand below and through the Virtual Melbourne Marathon app.

Runners Warm Up with Carnie

– 10 mins

This 10-minute pre-run warm up focuses on balance, movement and coordination, preparing your muscles for a successful run.

Recovery For Runners with Sarah

– 45 mins

Yin is a style of yoga that has many physical and mental benefits for runners especially. This practice allows notoriously tight areas for runners such as hamstrings, quads and hip flexors, to slowly release as each posture (seated or lying down) is held for up to five minutes. Yin allows for a greater joint health and muscle recovery, as well as increase in range of motion. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly- yin teaches us how to learn patience and resilience, tolerate discomfort, and increases body awareness; knowing when to push harder and when to ease up are all important skills that will carry over to your running.

Pilates For Runners with Carnie

– 30 mins

A strong, 30-minute mat Pilates sequence to strengthen the core, frontline and backline of the body. This class focuses on extension and flexion, strengthening the muscles that support and carry you whilst you run.

Post Run Relief with Sarah

– 45 mins

This dynamic yoga practice will compliment your training seamlessly, as it builds strength and agility throughout the whole body. Additionally, you’ll lengthen through your hamstrings and side body, as well as open your hips – something that Sarah, a 2x marathon finisher herself, knows the body wants and needs in-between long runs!

Stretch and Release Runners Cool Down with Carnie

– 20 mins

This 20 minute post-run ‘stretch and roll’ will take your tired muscles through a full-range stretch, finishing off on the foam roller. Specifically targeting the quads, inner thighs, IT band, hip and backstretch, this class will assist your body in recovering quickly so you’re ready for your next run (injury free!).

CorePlus Connected is a virtual on-demand fitness studio. Grounded in yoga and Pilates, CorePlus Connected classes include yoga, Pilates, strength, mindfulness and active recovery – so there’s endless ways to move your body mindfully.

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