Cathy Williams

44 / Greensborough

Melbourne Marathons: x3

Cathy started running after a friend prompted her to come down to their local athletics club. She met for the first time some amazing long-distance running girls and guys who she now calls her lifelong friends.

They are the ones who inspired her to run her first full Melbourne Marathon in 2018 and will be running with her when she completes her fourth in 2021.

The Melbourne Marathon to Cathy is motivation to get out of bed on those cold and wet mornings. “Having a goal really makes it easier, knowing that these small efforts each week will help me achieve my overall big goal in December”.

“I love the spirit of the marathon, the energy at the start line and the endorphins when you cross that finish line. It doesn’t matter what distance you’re doing, or what goal you set out to achieve, just crossing that line is so special, you just want to tell everyone”.

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