If you cannot participate in the Event, you must fill in and submit the official Withdrawal Application found below.

Note: Withdrawals after 11:59pm Monday 4th September.

Please understand that NO refund can be processed after the refund cut-off date (11:59pm, Monday September 4th) for reasons including but not limited to medical reasons (including a medical certificate), changed circumstances, other commitments etc. By accepting the terms and conditions as part of the registration form you are accepting that you are aware of the cut-off date and the refund policy.

When an entrant registers, they agree to the below terms and conditions;

  1. I acknowledge that my entry fee is not refundable except in accordance with this paragraph and paragraph 21(a) below. I understand that if I do not wish to participate in the Event, I must fill in and submit to IMG the official Event withdrawal form that is available on the Event website (www.melbournemarathon.com.au), return to IMG my race bib and timing chip device, and I agree I will not transfer my race bib and/or timing chip device to any third party. I understand that if I withdraw from the Event up to and until 11:59pm Monday September 4, 2017, there is a cancellation fee that applies…and should I withdraw from 12.00am on Tuesday, September 5, 2017 onwards for any reason (including, but not limited to, medical reasons), there is no refund of any portion of my entry fee.

Please note that we do not transfer entries between people or to the equivalent event in another year.

Withdrawal application

Please complete the form below to be withdrawn from your current event.
  • Please make sure this is the email address that was used for your registration.

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