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The Cerebral Palsy Education Centre (CPEC) is Celebrating its 12th consecutive year as the Official Charity for the Melbourne Marathon!

What is CP and who is CPEC?

One child every 15 hours will be born with Cerebral Palsy. It is the most common childhood physical disability in Australia. It is more common than Down Syndrome, Deafness and childhood cancer combined. Along with being the most common it is the most expensive to manage. There is no pre-birth test or cure but with access to CPEC’s specialised therapy programmes the children and their families can learn and develop life skills, and the ability to problem solve which enables the children to live as independently as they are capable of.

CPEC is the only Centre of its type in Australia and provides intervention services for children aged 12 months to 18 years of age. CPEC has been recognised around the world for its specialised therapy programs, and is a leader with its comprehensive Transition to School programme with over 80% of the children attending CPEC going to their local kinders or mainstream schools.

CP is mainly a physical condition, not an intellectual impairment. CP has a broad spectrum ranging from mild to severe.  It can effect one hand all the way to effecting all parts of the body including the muscles for speech and swallowing affecting eating and drinking.

Every child attending CPEC learns to communicate, regardless of the severity of their disability. By learning to communicate, each child has a voice and can express their own opinions, and whether they are in pain, hungry, feelings, feel sick, too hot, too cold, tell parents “I love you”. They are no longer trapped in a body that does not work without a voice. This is life changing.

For CPEC’s world acknowledged services it cost $32,000 per year per child and unfortunately the Government only covers $7,900 of that cost, and this is where we desperately need your help. Help build their future, by running and fundraising as part of this year’s Melbourne Marathon and be in the running for some great prizes.


We don’t need extraordinary people just ordinary people stepping up to do an extraordinary good deed for kids that need your help.

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