Endura – Official Electrolyte and Gel Supplier for 2017

As one of Australia’s most iconic running events, there’s a nice synergy in having one of Australia’s most iconic sports nutrition brands as our official race fuel – we’re proud to announce Endura is joining us as official Electrolyte and Gel Supplier for 2017 and 2018.

Rehydration Performance Fuel – Maximum Performance Hydration

As little as a 2% loss of body weight due to fluid loss can notably affect athletic performance and a recent study showed that runners dropped their pace by 2% for every 1% of body weight lost due to dehydration. So ensuring you stay hydrated is a key factor in getting the best from your race day.

With a scientifically advanced electrolyte formula and 20 g of high-quality carbs per dose, as well as the exclusive and highly absorbable Meta Mag® magnesium

to help prevent cramps and spasms, Endura Rehydration Performance Fuel is specifically designed to improve performance and endurance. The delicious lemon-lime flavour is going to be at key drink stations for the 10km, half and full marathons, to help keep those legs powering you towards the finish.

It’s a good idea to train with the on-course nutrition in the lead up to the race, so you know how it’s going to affect you on the day. Endura’s NEW Performance Fuel Race Packs are a handy 8-pack of single serve sachets that easily stash in your pockets, so you can give it a try in training on those longer training runs and be fully race ready.

Finish Your Marathon Strong with Endura Energy Gels

The back half of a marathon can be tough – you start eating into glycogen stores after about 30-60 minutes of intense exercise, so at the pointy end of a marathon there’s a good chance you’ll be running low on those critical energy stores. Never fear, at the 30km point of this year’s marathon Endura is providing an oasis of energy with all 8 flavours of their delicious Energy Gels available to give you a quick energy boost to power you home. Try a few of them in training to find that fave-flavour to reach for on the day.

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