The Medibank Melbourne Marathon Course Description

Start Location
  • Batman Avenue (150m north of Rod Laver Arena entrance)
  • Melway Ref 2G A7

• Start Batman Avenue

• Runners head north along Batman Avenue; left into Flinders Street, left into Swanston Street, cross to northbound (west side) service lane at Princes Bridge and then head south along St Kilda Road.

• At St Kilda Junction, runners turn right into Fitzroy Street then right into Lakeside Drive and do an anticlockwise lap of Albert Park Lake.

• The Lake loop requires runners to turn left into Albert Road Drive from Lakeside Drive and left into Aughtie Drive continuing around the Albert Park Lake roadway.

• At the Carousel carpark, runners proceed behind and around Pits Building using Aughtie Walk, entering the pit lane in Aughtie Drive before U-turning in Aughtie Drive adjacent to the Golf Driving Range.

• Runners then proceed to a right hand turn into Village Green Rd and right into Lakeside Drive and right in to Fitzroy St.

• Runners then make a right hand turn at Acland St extension proceed north onto Beaconsfield Parade, to a U-turn just before Bay St (Dow St) heading south toward St Kilda along Beaconsfield Parade.

• At the Beaconsfield Parade intersection with Jacka Boulevard, runners will veer right and head towards Elwood using Jacka Boulevard and Marine Parade to Ormond Esplanade to a U-Turn in Ormond Esplanade near St Kilda St.

• After the U-Turn runners proceed north along Ormond Esplanade, Marine Parade, Jacka Blvd in southbound lanes to right hand turn into extension of Acland St, followed by a left hand turn into Fitzroy St.

• At St Kilda Junction runners turn left into St Kilda Road northbound centre lanes continuing to a left hand turn into Southbank Blvd, followed by a right hand turn into Sturt St, proceeding (under the St Kilda Rd) along Alexandra Ave to a right hand turn into Linlithgow Ave.

• Runners proceed along Linlithgow Ave (marathon runners must move to the left side of the road in Linlithgow Ave) onto Birdwood Ave to a right hand turn into Domain Rd. This is followed by a right hand turn onto St Kilda Rd Southbound Service lane.

• Runners proceed along St Kilda Rd Over Princes Bridge into Swanston St to a right hand turn onto Flinders St.

• Runners then veer right into Wellington Parade South, turn right into Jolimont Rd, which becomes Brunton Avenue.

• Marathoners then turn left into Jolimont St followed by a right turn into the finish outside the MCG

Kilometre markers will be located at every 1km along the course.

Overall marathon time limit

The official cut-off time is seven hours. Participants should note that if at any stage if you are at the tail of the field and your average speed falls behind the pace required to reach the finish line in seven hours (ie:10min/km pace), then you may be asked to leave the course. Event officials will advise you of this, as soon as it is clear that you are unable to meet the seven-hour marathon pace requirement, then race officials will advise you that you are no longer permitted to continue and your result will not be recorded. Event staff will assist you by driving you back to the MCG as soon as practical. A condition of entry is that participants must follow the directions of event staff. The time limit is in place to allow us to meet the requirements of local road authorities and also it is in the interests of your safety.

Slow Marathon Course



The Medibank Melbourne Marathon has implemented a redirection point at the 22km mark of the marathon course for slow participants who will instead make up the lost distance by completing the final kilometres of their marathon via a looped course in Brunton Ave. near the finish

Participants who are unable to run at a sub 5.10hr marathon pace on race day must read the following and be aware of how they will be managed to ensure they complete the marathon safely and to have their result recorded.

Who will be required to do the Brunton Avenue redirection loop?
All runners who cannot reach the 22km of the course by 9.40am (2hr40mins for 22km).

When and where will the redirection take place?
The redirection will take place at the intersection of Beaconsfield Parade and Fitzroy St. Any runner/walker who reaches this point after 9.40am will be redirected at this point and will make up the additional 7.8km of their marathon via a looped course in Brunton Ave. near the finish

What will happen at the redirection point?
Those participants who miss the 9.40am cut off will be given a pink wristband by a race marshal and have their race numbers recorded. They will be redirected back up Fitzroy St at this point (22km). They will complete the rest of the course as per normal, but will make up the additional 7.8km (Fitzroy St to Elwood Beach and back) that they have missed in Brunton Ave just prior to the finish line.

What happens at Brunton Avenue?
Redirected course participants will do four 1.95km out-and-back loops (7.8km in total) in Brunton Ave before turning into the finish line to complete their marathon. Participants with pink wristband don’t go to the finish when they get to the MCG area. Instead they proceed along Jolimont Rd under William Barak Bridge into Brunton Ave, where they will be directed to complete 4 laps. A race official will mark off each lap and advise runners when they have completed four loops. 

Drink station and Medical for the Brunton Avenue loop runners
An Aid Station will located at the halfway point (near Gate C) of the Brunton Avenue loop. This means runners will have access to water, sports drink, jelly beans and Medical services on eight occasions during the final section of the event.

This loop been measured officially.
The additional 7.8km loop has been officially measured to AIMS standards, runners who complete the redirected marathon course will have their results recorded and receive finisher medals. Older entrants should note that their time will be still be eligible for age-group race records.

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